Supporting Smoke Free Homes

When you smoke at home, everybody under your roof is smoking with you. Children, babies, other adults and pets are all exposed to second hand tobacco smoke – a toxic cocktail containing over 4000 chemicals.
If you habitually smoke when your children are around, they can inhale the equivalent of up to 150 cigarettes per year. And because children and babies breathe faster and deeper than adults, they are at much greater risk from the effects of second hand smoke.
However, it’s not just children who are at risk – around 3500 non smoking adults die each year as a result of exposure to second hand smoke. Your pets will be affected too. And don’t forget, smoking is one of the main causes of fires in the home.

Make a difference 

There’s a simple way to protect the health of your family and visitors to your home – simply don’t smoke or allow others to smoke inside your house.
Making your home smoke free will have a lasting and substantial effect on your family’s health.
You can convince other smokers in your household to join you by discussing how important it is to protect your family’s health and by promoting every family member’s right to breathe fresh air.
When visitors come, simply explain your commitment to having a smoke free home – most people will understand and respect your choices about the way you run your house.

What are the benefits of a Smoke Free Home?

  • Your children are likely to be healthier with less risk from coughing, wheezing and chest infections; asthma; behavioural problems; learning difficulties; sudden infant death; middle ear infection or glue ear; heart and lung cancer later in life: or missing school through illness.
  •  If you are pregnant you can protect your developing baby from other people’s smoke.
  •  If you smoke you may find it easier to give up if your house is smoke-free– and if you’re an ex-smoker you’ll be less likely to start again.
  • You’ll find reduced symptoms of respiratory conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and you’ll decrease your risk of developing cancer or heart disease.
  • Your house will be cleaner, smell fresher, and need redecoration less often. As a result, your house will be more attractive to potential buyers.
  •  You’ll be less likely to have a house fire.
  • Your pets are likely to be healthier and live longer.

If you would like support to stop smoking please contact One You Walsall on 01922 44 40 44


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