A registration form must be completed  on both sides along with a health questionnaire and your preference  in relation to your summary care record.

You may  also be asked to provide proof of your identity and/or proof of address.  For patients entering the UK, a copy of your passport and/or visa will be required.

It is helpful if you can also provide a list of any medications your are taking.

This information is then passed to the GP and a decision will be made within 48 hours.  We ask that patients contact the practice regarding the outcome  of their application to join the practice.

Once you are registered your records will automatically be requested electronically from your previous GP.  You will then be  invited to attend an appointment for a new patient health check.  This will complete the registration process.

We are a veteran friendly practice and are working towards our registration for Veteran Friendly Accreditation.  All applications to join the practice are treated equally with no discrimination.

If your application is refused a reason will be given in writing at your request.


**Parkside  Medical Practice will NOT be registering patients who live 'Out of Area' under the new Voluntary arrangements that were introduced by NHS England from 5.1.2015.

Our aim is to focus our resources on patients who have full permanent registration with us.


Details of alternative GPs may be obtained by contacting the allocations officer at NHS Walsall 01922 618388.







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